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Earth Day Everyday...

Creating an oasis for nature and everyone to enjoy... 28 years in the making

Every day we are amazed by the incredible beauty and tranquility of this place.

A rough clay landscape became a beautiful, pesticide free ecosystem.

Each year we have planted trees, shrubs and thousands of plants & flowers.

Creating a pond and a waterfall was a huge addition in the gardens to attract wildlife.

Chalet Studio & Gardens is now a thriving ecosystem, filled with a diverse array of plants and animals. The gardens are also home for beautiful birds, insects and other creatures. Each one playing an important role in the delicate balance of nature.

Every summer we release hundreds of butterflies in a safe nurturing environment. Butterflies are incredible pollinators that help plants reproduce, ensuring the health and vibrancy of our gardens, and yours too!

This joyful journey that we have been on has taught us so much. It is easy to take nature for granted, but seeing the seasons change here reminds us of its beauty and importance every day. Creating a space that honours and supports the natural world is our gift to the planet. As we celebrate each day, let's take a moment to appreciate the wonders around us, and to thank and encourage those who are working to protect and preserve them.

As we stand here surrounded by the beauty, we are filled with hope for the future. Together with dedication, hard work and a deep respect for the planet we all call home, we can create a better, more sustainable planet for generations to come.

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