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You deserve the very best in Windsor Wedding Photography

Celebrate your love with Chalet Studio and Gardens

Capturing life's moments is what life is all about for us. We'll create your Wedding imagery with lots of love and laughter. If you are looking for great images and an experience unlike any other, then you are in the right place! We can make the magic happen in any location. You can also choose to enjoy our private venue at Chalet’s Studio & Gardens for part of your day with your wedding party & family.

Trust us and you can everything in one beautiful weatherproof place that was created for photography. You’ll find amazing natural and landscaped vistas. A beautiful waterfall, pond, pathways, covered verandas, architectural gates from around the world, farmhouse setting, 56 T-Bird, 1941 Ol’ Red Truck and so much more. You’ve never seen anything like it! If mother nature is not in a good mood, no worries because we have you covered. A huge one of a kind indoor studio awaits with all the comforts of home. 

If you are looking for a romantic ceremony location for up to 25 guests this may be the perfect answer. Indoors, or out in the gardens are both beautiful choices.

Get in touch and talk about how Chalet can help make your day awesome. We’re experienced and really care about you! We’ll create your love story and will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding is magical. Our goal is to make sure that you love your day.

It doesn’t get any better than being married and capturing love stories together. 

Get in touch and we will make it the beautiful day you imagine. 

Top 10 reasons for trusting Chalet Studio with your wedding photography

There are so many more than 10, but for starters....

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have put a lot of time, effort, and money into planning the perfect day, so it's important that you have the perfect photos to remember it by. That's where a professional wedding photographer comes in. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire a Chalet Studio Photography & Gardens for your special day.

1. Experience and expertise

This is an area where Chalet Studio shines! A professional wedding photographer has years of experience and expertise in capturing the perfect wedding photos. Janet and Alan have now teamed together to photograph well over 1500 Windsor area weddings. They know how to capture the right moments, how to set up the perfect shots, and how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They have the technical knowledge and skills to use the right camera settings, lighting, and angles to create stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

2. The ability to make your day stress free, and fun!

This one is key.  You are going to spend a significant part of your wedding day with your photographer. Who you choose to cover it all has a significant role to play when it comes to how you enjoy it all. Goal number 1 for Janet and Alan was to create every opportunity to make your day a blast, regardless of the weather. This is why Chalet's amazing Windsor wedding photography studio was created. We've got it all! The A/C when the weather is hot, the covered porches that let us shoot in the rain, elegant lounges for your wedding party to chill in, great tunes playing inside and out, and so much more. Comfort, class. All designed from the ground up to make your wedding day stress free. It is a place like no other. And on location, Janet and Alan specialize in keeping things moving. Maximizing the time that you get to enjoy with your friends and family. Getting you out on that dance floor & loving this day that flies by so quickly. 

3. Creative Vision

Janet and Alan have a creative vision that goes beyond just capturing the standard wedding photos. They have a unique perspective and can see the beauty in the smallest details. They will work with you to understand your vision for your wedding photos and create a plan to bring it to life. Every one is unique. Every culture is different, and beautiful. We love being a part of your one of a kind journey as you begin your lives together. 

4. High Quality Equipment

Chalet Studio Photography & Gardens is a very full time gig. This is no side hustle. A significant part of being Windsor's most versatile photography team is our investment in the best of equipment. High quality camera equipment, lenses, and accessories to ensure that we can capture the best possible photos on your wedding day. Emotion filled close up candids, wide angles to show entire scenes, quiet gear allowing us to go unnoticed during quiet ceremonies, and the skill to get the most from it all. Of great importance is the backup gear. Commonly, photographers cover a wedding with only one camera and lens. The risk is extreme. We have backups for the backups of our professional gear. If something fails on the day, no worries, in seconds we are back in the groove. All of our cameras record to two memory cards. This is critically important. Every time we take a photo, we are creating a copy. Should a memory card fail, and they do, we've got you covered. We cringe when we see consumer cameras without this capability being used to photograph weddings. You don't get to do it over tomorrow!

5. Attention to detail

A professional wedding photographer pays attention to every detail to ensure that your photos are perfect. They will take the time to make sure that your dress is perfectly arranged, your hair is just right, and that every detail is captured in your photos. We always have our "bag of tricks" nearby. The needs that we have seen through covering 1500 Windsor area weddings are in the bag. Pins, hairspray, lint rollers, aspirin and more have proven to be so great to have on hand. 

6. Professionalism 

A professional wedding photographer is just that. A pro. They will arrive on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to capture your special day. Quite frankly, no.... we will not arrive to photograph your wedding dressed in sweat pants and a logo tee. We are not covering a beach party. We have always greatly valued working with the other professionals at weddings. Clergy, wedding planners, venues and more to ensure that the entire day flows smoothly. 

7. A personal connection

A professional wedding photographer will work with you to build a personal connection. This is one of the real joys of our profession. Getting to know you, your style, and your personality to create photos that are uniquely you. It helps so much to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so you can relax and enjoy your special day. 

8. Peace of mind

Hiring Chalet Studio Photography gives you peace of mind. You can relax and enjoy your special day knowing that your photos are being captured by an experienced professional team. You can trust that we will capture every moment of your special day, leaving you with beautiful memories to cherish forever.

9. Post processing expertise

Chalet Studio takes the extra steps to make your wedding images the best that they can be. While the norm now is for photographers to ship images off to a retouching service, we believe that you deserve more. Janet is renowned for her "Chalet Magic". Taking the time, and having the talent to create beautiful final images. Ones that you will be proud to share, or print. Since we get to know you, and personally handle the creative process from beginning to end, we know that you'll love how you look. 

10. Your investment 

Hiring Chalet Studio Photography & Gardens is an investment in your memories. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and your photos are a way to remember it for years to come. A professional wedding photographer will work with you to create a package that fits your needs and your budget, so you can have the perfect photos without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your special day. We would love having the opportunity to learn all about your wedding plans, and give you a tour of our studio. We'll have the coffee on! 

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