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Windsor Photographers making magic for families

Our one of a kind studio is designed especially for family fun

 Looking for the perfect place for your family photos?

We have the perfect place for you! Chalet Studio Photography & Gardens located in the heart of the Windsor, Essex area has everything you could ever want and so much more. Imagine walking into a spacious beautifully crafted photography studio filled with an abundance of natural light. The studio boasts state-of-the-art photography equipment and a variety of fantastic areas perfect for capturing any range of styles. You’ll find an epic castle door setting and a beautiful elegant white room with gorgeous architecture. But wait, it gets even better! In a moment's notice, our studio transforms into the ultimate dance club with lights and music, so you can let loose and have some playful fun during your photoshoot. But that's not all – we've got some seriously spectacular gardens for you too! The victorian inspired home studio is nestled among the trees on the hilltop. Relax and surround yourself in nature with the sounds of a shimmering waterfall, pond, river and lush garden pathways. For some vintage fun we have a 56 T-Bird , rustic 1941 truck and farm wall setting. And there’s more… Incredible antique gates from France, England and Belgium are nestled throughout the gardens. And, for a truly unique experience, be sure to visit us during the summer months when we raise and release beautiful butterflies! So, what are you waiting for? Buy a gift card or book your photo session and get ready for a truly enjoyable time.
Get Chalet’d and experience the magic.

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