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Brides... Don't get caught in the rain. We've got you covered!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

A bride under an umbrella
Brides, don't get caught in the rain!

Don't get caught in the rain on your wedding day! We've got you covered - quite literally! At Chalet, we've got spacious verandas surrounded by the gardens and sheltered from the wind and rain. There you can make fabulous photos even in the pouring rain without getting a single drop on your dress. Our tree covered gardens are huge umbrellas too.

Uh oh! Hear that thunder? Yes, we are ready for anything, even those thunderstorm days.

We know that you're only going to get one chance at greatness, and that's why we don't mess around when it comes to having backup plans. Our fun spacious state of the art indoor studio is just steps away from the gardens. You and your Wedding party can enjoy the music have a drink and forget all about the rain. This gives a whole new meaning to “dancing in the rain”.

Yes, rainy or windy weather can ruin your wedding day plans, but not at Chalet. We've even got a whole array of umbrellas to keep you and your wedding party dry and smiling.

So don't be one of those brides who say "I wish I had gotten Chalet." We're here for you, rain or shine and ready for anything. Get in touch with us at, via email at, or give us a call at 519-726-6666 to book your wedding date today!

Here are some of our Chalet couples that have laughed at the rain with us!


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