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Sunshine, Love, and Beauty: Kaitlyn & Dante's Celebration by Chalet Studio & Gardens. Windsor Wedding Photography.

Picture this: a September day filled with sunshine, laughter, and love as we embarked on the fabulous adventure of photographing Kaitlyn and Dante's wedding. Our spacious studio became filled with excitement as Kaitlyn and her bridesmaids got ready, surrounded by music and contagious laughter that set the tone for the day.

Venturing into Chalet's enchanting gardens in full bloom, created the perfect backdrop for capturing the beauty of the bride and her girls. Then Dante and his groomsmen made a fun filled entrance. The real magic unfolded when Kaitlyn and Dante shared a private first look in the garden, a romantic moment filled with love and anticipation. The entire wedding party then kicked back on the veranda, sipping drinks and enjoying the day while we worked our photographic magic. There is simply no place else like it for Windsor Wedding Photography.

Before leaving the couple and Wedding Party enjoyed releasing 19 beautiful Monarch butterflies.

Next stop: the Ciociaro Club Chapel, where the ceremony was nothing short of perfection. The Chapel is such a wonderful place for a ceremony. Located just steps away from the Ciociaro reception hall. Perfect!

As a special bonus, we had a sentimental connection to the couple. We had photographed Dante's parents' wedding decades ago, adding an extra layer of nostalgia and warmth to the day. We so remember the fun we had at the parents Wedding and knew this one would no doubt be too. The reception at the Ciociaro Club was fantastic. Design by Diane decorated the venue so beautifully. The evening was filled with familiar faces from our photographic adventures spanning three amazing decades. The venue treated the couple to a beautiful dinner and a reception that would be etched into their memories forever. Capturing every moment of Kaitlyn and Dante's wedding day felt like sprinkling a dash of magic into our photography journey. Cheers to the happy couple filled with decades love and laughter! 📸💍✨


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